Interview Poetry Edition 2017 September

What are you working on at the moment?

A collection of poems…

“A mixture of old and new, it will be the last book of poetry for awhile”

Why the last book of poetry?

I feel the need to write a children’s book.

A children’s book sounds interesting, why?

I Feel an interest, it will be comical, adventurous and very fun…

What is the difference between Peppercorn Park & Peppercorn Park World?

Peppercorn Park is poetry & Peppercorn Park World is a new idea, more brief and easier to navigate thru, its still developing.

On poetry and politics?

I want to keep both separate, so Daniel Richard Divine is Poetry and Daniel Divine is politics

On writing & style of writing?

In writing poems I rhyme sometimes when I feel the need, on style, I write what I feel.

I find some poetry 2 read boring, people want 2 read what is fun, what is beautiful sounding.

Poems are never finished, some are true to life, some r not…

Aspirations for the future?

Too much!

Never enough time!

Publish a children’s book, yes and I have to finish that book of poetry!!!