After Midnight

The Story

Chapter 1 - Sample

(On the Rounds)

It was late after midnight and Death and Thor his trusted horse were on their way home after a busy night collecting souls, it had been a cold, bitter night, although it didn't matter to Bony or Thor as they didn't feel the cold like the living, they were dead after all.

They flew into the courtyard and Bony untied Thor for a much needed sleep, then he lifted the chest from the Transporter and took it to The Vault for Ludwig to prepare the following day, the chest was filled with soul jars, these held the souls of the chosen ones.

Bony worked from a list that he was sent every month, once a task had been completed, the name would disappear from it, there were natural deaths, suicides, wrongful, rightful deaths, but it wasnt of Bony’s interest to interfere.

Bony was tired and he then made his way to the high tower, there he slept through the day, but only for about five hours, he didn't need much sleep.

The planet Earth was split into regions, Bony couldn't do all the work on his own, once a month Bony would meet-up with others to discuss any matters of importance.

The following day Ludwig, Bony's assistant was busy cataloguing the soul jars, Bony had been busy the night before, Ludwig never knew anything about these souls and it was better that way, better not to get emotionally involved.

The soul jars were labelled with names and catalogue numbers and that was all that they were identified by, the soul jars were kept in a vault below ground for safety, the soul jars needed to be sealed, if opened or broken in any way, the soul would escape back into the real world, it had happened before and was a nightmare

Ludwig was in his twenties, slim-build and plain looking, he yearned to go out on the rounds, but Bony said that he was too inexperienced.

He was Bony’s first assistant, the second assistant was Rebekah, she was much like Ludwig, dying for some action.

Ludwig and Rebekah were both lost souls, taken into the afterworld by mistake and for the time being helpers for Bony.

 © Daniel Divine 2011

After Midnight