The Amazing Mr Splodge

Mr Splodge And The House Made Of Porridge: Poem

All villages have their share of village idiots, dreamers, thieves, villains and sometimes eccentric inventors, here in Little Hampton, there lived such a man.

An eccentric inventor known as Candleworth Splodge or Mr Splodge, he was well spoken, mature like an old matured cheese, he was a jolly fellow and fun to be around, he was a keen inventor and he lived very differently to you and I.

He lived in a small tidy village, there was a sweet-shop, bakery and         his house was hidden away down a countryside lane and there he lived in his cottage made of

He lived with his cat Conkers and his pet parrot called Rhubarb, who had unusual eating habits, much like his owner Mr Splodge, Rhubarb liked carrot cake, gooseberry crumble or any crumble come to that, but not the rhubarb crumble.

One morning Mr Splodge went shopping in his steam car, it wasn’t the best way to travel, it hissed, gurgled and spat everywhere, but it was an environmentally friendly machine, Mr splodge called it The Puff Time Machine.

The town folk all knew him and put up with his antics, some found him quite amusing, while others didn’t!!!

Especially Mrs Edna Treacle, she always was looking for an argument.

© Daniel Divine 2013