Interview Poetry Now 2010 Daniel Richard Divine

Daniel Divine has published various books on poetry, also in print and on-line.

When did you start writing?
I started writing in my younger days. I started writing songs to begin with and trying to play the guitar, but I wasn't very good at playing the guitar and I think most people realised that I was never going to be a rock star long before I did. I put the guitar to one side but the songs carried on and the songs turned into poems and I just carried on from there really.

Why do you write poetry?
I love the colour of words, writing takes you into a new world, not all my poems are personal, some are and some are not.

Where do your ideas come from?

Ideas really come from anywhere and everywhere…

Favourite poems that you have written?

Too many 2 mention!,  but there are some that have some reason & rhyme…

She Whispered To Me I Love U, One of the first poem's I really liked.

The Snowman

The Custard Heart, In Memory of Dorothy Parker

The Man With A Bird In His Beard

Apricots  2nd Version & Alternative Version

The Future & Beyond…

Been working on The Wozord for some time, would like to finish, maybe someday…, currently interested or working on The Amazing Mr Splodge, a children’s book with illustrations and sketches, as well as The Honka’s, The Three Awful Sisters, too many ideas, not enough time………

What else do you like doing?

Supporting/watching Wimbledon FC, WWW.AFCWIMBLEDON.CO.UK, not totally into football, its just Wimbledon have an interesting history and are a fun football club, run by volunteers and supporters, me included.

Music is a joy, I love my acoustic guitar as it has more feel than my electric one.

I love history, castles and cathedrals., holidays and to see new lands, when I am able too…

Those who R 1st will B last

Nicola swept away the rose petals in the garden

As earlier the cat had thought them to be edible

Nicola loved her garden and the smell of roses…

From, Nicola & The Cat