It’s Honey, Not Marmalade


The joys of the heavenly seasons

Are divine, without reasons

The weather is sincere in its emotions

As its mixed with heavenly potions

This life on Earth here is heavenly made

Its always with honey, not marmalade

In the heavens above I am not able to see

The stars that collide above and around me

We live in an ancient old neighbourhood

Where forever the sun has proudly stood

The ancients believed the sun was divine

And it still lives on to fill our veins with wine

Here on Earth we live, love and breathe

And look at the stars in wonder and believe

In our lifetime this earth we will never leave

As we cannot live, where we cannot breathe

The moon is a stepping stone to the unknown

We question always in this life are we alone

Our neighbour Mars is a lonely place to explore

But we continue to explore it more and more

Space travel is on our doorstep once more

And we are closer than ever before

The Earth is a paradise for everyone

And its beautifully loved and blessed by the sun

The heavenly spheres are set in divine motion

And governed by the sun’s emotion

And the dreams that we have are made…

With honey, not marmalade

        © Daniel Divine 2015

A Collection Of Poems 2